Swimmers rescued at Jeffreys Bay Main Beach

Off duty lifeguards saved three swimmers who got stuck in rip currents on Thursday 4 October 2018.

NSRI Jeffreys Bay Lifesaving lifeguards had just completed a routine training exercise at Pellsrus Beach when members of the public gestured towards three children being swept out to sea by rip currents. Two teenagers had gone into the water to try to help them.

The lifeguards immediately sprang into action and launched into the surf with their rescue torpedo buoys and swam towards the children.

They were caught in strong rip currents and the two teenagers who had swum out into the surf to try to help were also caught in rip currents.

All three children, who come from Jeffreys Bay, were rescued and brought safely to the beach and the two teenagers, aged 17 and 18, were able to reach the beach safely.

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No one was injured.

The lifeguards then noticed a female on a body board who was also caught in rip currents and they re-entered the surf and rescued the 20 year old female, bringing her safely to the beach.

Photo: Joey Nel

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