Things to do in JBay (aside from Surfing)

Jeffreys Bay or JBay as it is fondly known by those who love the place, has long been a favourite amongst those who love to surf, and it is no wonder that it has been named  Kwela town of the year 2018.  

For the days when the waves aren’t quite right or you just don’t fancy getting into your wetsuit, there are plenty of other things to do in JBay. 

If you would like to swap your surfboard for a sand board, then now is the time to give it a go on the sand dunes at Marina Martinique.

Take a look at what you could get up to in JBay when you aren’t surfing!

Bingo Royale

Fancy spending an evening in an adults only venue? Bingo Royale is a great place to hang out, especially when the weather isn’t so great.

There are plenty of electronic bingo machines and they even have a restaurant for when you’re ready for dinner.

Don’t let the title fool you, Bingo Royale doesn’t just cover bingo, they also screen sports and have a range of slot machines.

This is indicative of the popularity of these kinds of games, with the guys at CanadaCasino offering a range of slot offers to ensure that these games don’t just stay in bingo halls.

There are plenty of whales around at present. Photo: Stan Blumberg

Whale Watching

Every year, southern right whales head to JBay for the calving and mating season.  If you’re around JBay between July and December, then you will be in with a chance of seeing the migrating whales giving birth.

The best place to check all the action is from the whale watching lookout in Plane Street.

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Brewhaha Craft Brewery

A day away from the surf might be a good chance to hit the beer. Visit Brewhaha microbrewery for a taste of South Africa’s best craft beer.

On the last Saturday of the month, they host a brewery tour which is headed by Brewhaha master brewer Marius Deetlefs.

You’ll get to see how the beer is made and enjoy a conversation with Marius about making beer whilst you snack on nibbles from the restaurant and sip a complimentary beer.

brewhaha jeffreys bay

At the end, you’ll be given a souvenir glass to take home with you. You might want to take the next day away from the waves to nurse your head, or maybe spend the day relaxing on the beach. 

JBay may be a heaven for surfing but there are plenty of things to do when the surf’s not up.

You can explore the hippy town and discover what brought people to the area in the first place.

After all, there is nothing better than surfing in a town that you know really well. 

(Feature photo by Robbie Irlam)

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