Meet an Astronaut in Oyster Bay on Heritage Day

How do astronauts communicate with earth? And do they float when they sleep in zero gravity?

The Kouga community can ask real life astronaut Dr Don Thomas, who has orbited Earth more than 600 times, these questions and more.

Thomas was part of the team that was onboard the STS-65 Columbia (July 8, 1994 – July 23, 1994), that  set a new flight duration record for the Space Shuttle program.

The mission flew the second International Microgravity Laboratory (IML-2).

During the 15-day flight the crew conducted more than 80 experiments focusing on materials and life sciences research in microgravity.

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The mission was accomplished in 236 orbits of the Earth, traveling 6.1 million miles in 353 hours and 55 minutes.

Meet him at the Umzamowethu Community Hall in Oyster Bay at 1 pm today in celebration of Heritage Day.

Free transport will be available from schools in Humansdorp. Details are below.

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