Huge surf expected in Jeffreys Bay

Huge waves are expected in Jeffreys Bay tomorrow as the last of the winter storms will deliver swell from Cape Town to the worlds best wave – Supertubes.

Both Wavescape and Magic Seaweed are calling for surf of 10 foot plus on Saturday, with Jeffreys Bay receiving the lions share of the action.

Local surf forecaster Spike has predicted that the swell will peak on Saturday with his main concern being the wind direction.

Here is Spike’s forecast:

Magic Seaweed agrees with Spike and it seems the JBay locals are going to celebrate Jeffreys Bay being the 2018 Town of the Year in style and in big Supertubes.

Magic Seaweed forecaster Tony Butt predicts: “The bulk of the swell will hit the South African coast east of Cape Agulhas, including JBay, which could have the biggest swell for some time. Expect wave heights to hit six feet, probably bigger on Friday afternoon.

“Then on Saturday a much more solid pulse arrives. With periods around 18 secs and an almost straight southerly direction, expect little reduction as the swell refracts around Cape St. Francis, so don’t be surprised to see wave heights well over ten feet at JBay on Saturday. The swell tapers down on Sunday.

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Being home to the Supertubes, regarded as the worlds best wave, is one of the reasons why Jeffreys Bay won the 2018 Kwela Town of the Year award.

A festival is being held at the Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park from 21 – 23 September with top artists performing to acknowledge Jeffreys Bay being awarded Town of the Year.

More information can be found at: www.jeffreysbaaimakietie.com

Its going to be a case of surf hard and party hard in Jeffreys Bay this weekend.

Photo: Roy Harley

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