No truth to rumours of child abduction in Jeffreys Bay

Rumours have been swirling around that a child from Jeffreys Bay Primary School was abducted.

The headmaster of JBay Primary has confirmed that this is false information and that no child from the school has been kidnapped.

“After speaking at length to the Jeffreys Bay Police, checking our school attendance register, confirming the validity of the absentees, it was confirmed that thankfully none of our children have fallen prey to abduction,” said Mr Dippenaar.

“While we are surrounded at the moment with appalling crime statistics, the abuse of children foremost in our minds, many false rumours abound to create an unsettled and emotionally charged community.

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We are always concerned with the safety and security of our pupils, and urge parents to ensure their whereabouts at all times,” added Dippenaar.

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