Police warn social media users to verify information before posting

Police are once again appealing to social media users to refrain from posting unverified information on social media sites.

This follows after two unrelated incidents were circulating on social media platforms on Wednesday 5 September 2018, warning community members of incidents of kidnapping of children in and around the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (Port Elizabeth, Motherwell and Uitenhage).

Police will also like to allay fears on social media that no truck was stopped that was used in transporting of children on suspicion of trafficking between Nanaga and Port Elizabeth.

However,  a small van was stopped that was conveying illegal immigrants. The case is being dealt with by the Hawks.

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Distortion of facts can have dire consequences and cause unnecessary panic and mayhem in the community. Social media is an important communication platform and can assist the Police in combatting crime and arresting criminals.


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