Volunteers to help restore Kabeljous Nature Reserve

The newly-established Kabeljous Reserve Action Group is set to give the deteriorating nature reserve a new lease on life.

A group of volunteers are in the process of clearing bushes for the re-introduction of a total of 10km of hiking and mountain biking trails.

Bird lovers can now enjoy the wide variety of feathered-friends in the reserve. There are also numerous buck in the area.

The Reserve combines Valley Bushveld with sand dunes and the vegetation that flourishes on these, as well as wetlands and forested areas.

According to volunteer Dirk Teubes, they are in the process of registering the group as a non-profit organisation.

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The entrance to the reserve is situated on the N2 just outside of Jeffreys Bay.

For more information or to join the group, contact Teubes at 082 804 7289.

Photo: Joey Nel