JBay Trauma Centre has been serving the community for 12 years

In 2006, the JBay Trauma Support Centre was founded with a goal to “Take the sting out of trauma”.

Since then, countless members of the local community have been attended to, turning them from victims of assaults, crime, accidents, and loss, into survivors.

After a long uphill struggle, the JBay Trauma Support Centre is proud to announce that in late July they will be opening the doors of their new and permanent base of operations, welcoming any victim of trauma.

The Centre is led by the in-house team of Clinical Traumatologists; namely Maryke Pretorius and Jacqui Pirzenthal.

Both are active in the community, and the Centre has been a labour of love on both of their parts. With an independent location, the Centre can offer counselling in essentially neutral ground, providing a truly victim-friendly environment free of any stigma.

The Centre works closely with law enforcement of the area, as well as private businesses and schools, to provide free counselling to any and all people who have been affected by crime, violence, or any traumatic experience.

Its new base of operations in Da Gama road is easily accessible, and welcomes those from all walks of life. The service does not sleep, and is available for call-outs 24/7.

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Besides the counselling services, the Centre also strives to educate the community and businesses through workshops and training sessions.

These include educating people about emotional intelligence, recognising the signs of abuse in others, learning how to break the silence about domestic abuse, gender-based violence, and general counselling and communication skills.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic abuse, violence, assault, crime, or has witnessed a crime, then the J-\Bay Trauma Support Centre is ready to help.

As a registered non-profit organisation with the Department of Social Development, staffed with professionals in their field, the Centre is the best start on a path towards healing.

Find the JBay Trauma Support Centre at Shop 12, Neptune’s Terrace, 14 Da Gama Road.