Gamtoos faces serious water shortages

Kouga Municipality has issued a warning to residents of Hankey and Patensie against the over-usage of water after the annual “dry period” ended on Sunday (July 1).

The towns face serious water shortages, with the level of the Kouga Dam having plummeted to below 8 %.

Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor Freddy Campher warned that some people tended to compensate for the period where there was no water in the taps by using a lot of water and even breaking the restrictions.

“On Monday the water level at the Kouga Dam stood at a critical 7,76%. That is alarming and means that there is no luxury for people to use water as they please.

“In fact, residents need to curb their usage even further to ensure a longer supply of water until the rains come,” he said.

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The municipality usually augments the water supply to Hankey with water from the Klein River, but the river level is currently too low because of the drought.

The “dry period” is an annual occurrence when the Gamtoos Irrigation Board performs maintenance work on the canal system which supplies water from the Kouga Dam to Hankey and Patensie.

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