Criminals beware during the JBay Winterfest

Organizing one of the biggest festivals in South Africa is no easy task and making sure there are minimal incidents takes a lot of co-ordinating between the various role players.

The JBay Winterfest started on 2 July and is running until 16 July, with numerous events taking place between those dates.

Tens of thousands of visitors from all over South Africa as well as internationally are in Jeffreys Bay to watch the worlds best surfers take on the freight train walls of Supertubes during the Corona Open JBay, while others are in town to participate in the various sporting events on offer.

There will always be criminals who think events like the JBay Winterfest offer opportunity to rob and steal but they are finding that Jeffreys Bay is not an easy target as the Police, Kouga Law Enforcement officers and local security companies like Smhart are working together to ensure a safe festival.

The Port Elizabeth Mounted Unit joined the locals and are conducting patrols along the beachfront to ensure that areas that are difficult to reach via motor vehicles are also safe zones during the JBay Winterfest.

Councillor Brenton Williams who is co-ordinating the Joint Operating Center during the Winterfest said that there fewer incidents occurring when compared to previous years.

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“Having the Mounted Unit has helped with visibility and security on the beachfront and we appreciate the close co-operation with the South African Police during the Winterfest,” said Williams.

The JBay Winterfest will end on 16 July and more information can be found at www.jbaywinterfest.com

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