When will the surfing take place during the Corona Open JBay

The Corona Open JBay has a waiting period between 2 – 16 July. So when will the surfers actually take to the water and surf?

That is all dependent on the waves and the event organisers will make a decision before 7.30 am every morning and sometimes even during the day if conditions change.

Here is the surf prediction for the Corona Open JBay.

Brief Overview

Mon 2nd: Slow start, building PM. Strong offshore wind.
Tue 3rd-Wed 4th: Medium size SSW swell, light offshore wind.
Thu 5th: Solid SW-SSW swell. Light wind.
Fri 6th: Dropping SSW swell, light onshore wind possible.
Long Range: Slower 7th-1oth, new swell possible 11th-13th. 

corona open jbay supertubes jeffreys bay
Supertubes – venue of the Corona JBay Open. Photo: Roy Harley

MONDAY 2nd: Slow with 3 – 4 foot in the morning, building to 4 – 5 foot  in the late qfternoon. Strong offshore wind.

SWELL: A slow start in the morning with dominant swell from the WSW and largely bypassing JBay. A building trend is likely for the afternoon and evening hours, with the surf picking up into the head high range. 

WIND:  Strong/breezy offshore W wind.

TUESDAY 3rd: 5 – 7 foot, holding through the day. Offshore wind through mid day.

SWELL: Swell direction trends a more favorable SSW direction with overhead sets through the day. 

WIND:  Moderate offshore W wind first thing, easing through the morning and possibly trending light/variable in the afternoon.

WEDNESDAY 4th: 5 – 7 foot, possibly rebuilding in the later PM.

SWELL: Reinforcing SW/SSW energy likely moves in, with holding surf for much of the day and potentially rebuilding late. Stay tuned.   

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WIND:  Light NNW wind possible early, trending more westerly/offshore through the morning and holding for the afternoon.

THURSDAY 5th: Building 8 – 10 foot possible with some larger sets in the afternoon. Offshore wind in the morning

SWELL: Good chance for solid SW to SSW swell to peak. Stay tuned to JBay News, we’ll refine the details in the next couple days. 

WIND:  Light NW in the morning, trending lightly onshore/E in the afternoon. 

corona open jbay world surf league

FRIDAY 6th: Fading 6 – 8 foot faces in the morning, smaller in the afternoon. PM. Light+ onshore wind

SWELL: SSW swell likely fades/drops through the day, with the strongest waves early.   

WIND:  Light+ onshore NE/ENE wind possible for most of the day.   

Going further out, slower surf looks possible and increasingly likely for the 7 – 10 along with either onshore and/or northerly wind.

Long range model guidance points to a fun to mid size SSW swell around the end of the event window, although confidence remains low on specific details this far out.

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