Visit JBay Recycling Project during the Corona Open JBay

The JBay Recycling Project has been offered a super platform to showcase their project during the JBay Winter Fest, running from 2-16 July.

They will have a stand at the Corona Open JBay Event site in Pepper Street where they will host an art contest and toy drive.

Art Competition:

Vist the stand, hand in your completed artwork and get a funky original badge designed by JBay’s local artists Yvonne Robinson and Liesl Bell.

Children can create their Ocean themed drawing at home or they can sit at the stand and complete it.

Toy Drive

Bring your pre-loved toy and pop it into Pinky the Penguin and also get a funky original badge.

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There are nine super cool badges to be collected in the art competition and Toy Drive.

Have some fun and upload your selfie with Pinky the Penguin to Instagram // @jbayrecyclingproject

Cool Prizes will be on offer for the best artwork as well as the best selfie.

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