Do you support land expropriation without compensation?

South Africans have until 15 June 2018 to make their voice heard in Parliament if they do not support land expropriation without compensation.

If enough South Africans fail to speak up, a parliamentary review committee could recommend changes to section 25 of the Constitution that would allow government to become the owner of all private homes and land in South Africa, forcing citizens to rent for life.

You can make a difference and do something constructive by submitting your comments via: LandOwnership.co.za.

A parliamentary review committee has been tasked with consulting South Africans before making any changes to private property rights in the Constitution.

Remember that according to law,  the committee must go through every comment submitted.

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Visit LandOwnership.co.za and take action. If South Africans stand together,  we can stop land expropriation without compensation.


Dont only have an opinion amongst your friends and family on land ownership. Let government know what you feel by having your say and become part of the process.