Motorists robbed and intimidated at Ocean View traffic circle

A Jeffreys Bay man was robbed of his cell phone near the Ocean View traffic circle yesterday afternoon. He had been to see an employee who lives near the Ithemba center when the incident occurred.

“I was driving in my jeep when about eight teenage boys stopped me and asked if I can take them to Ocean View. As I began to explain that I’m not going in that direction, one grabbed my phone and they ran into the shacks and disappeared.

In a later incident another Jeffreys Bay resident was stopped at the traffic circle by a youngster who sat on his bonnet and refused to get off.

As other youngsters approached his car, the man reversed quickly and managed to escape.

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Residents are urged to be cautious when using the road, as a man on a motor bike was also injured on Friday afternoon when he collided with a dog that suddenly ran into the road at the Marina Martinique turnoff.

In a separate incident an elderly couple were mugged on the beach near Walskipper. The woman was cut on her arm during the attack.

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