JBay Winterfest Fishing event is for the whole family

The 6th Winterfest Skins Fishing Competition will be taking place in Jeffreys Bay during this year’s JBay Winterfest.

This event has seen massive growth over the past five years and is now one of the biggest and most unique shore angling competitions in South Africa!

Jeffreys Bay is regarded as one of the top shore fishing destinations in SA. We have a healthy fish population and many species that can be caught during the winter months.

Species such as Kabeljou, Leerfish, Steenbras, Grunter, Baardman, Zebra, Blacktail, Elf, Musselcracker, Poenskop, Stumpnose, Bronze Bream, and various species of sharks and stingrays are amongst those caught during our previous events.

The bonus of the competition is its format. It is literately divided into six mini comps or ‘skins’ each lasting one hour. The person who catches the highest-scoring fish for that hour will win the R3000 cash ‘skin’ and any other prizes allocated to that skin.

If it happens that no fish are recorded for any skin, the cash (and other prizes) will carry over to the next skin (this will then be worth R6000) and so on.

Like and follow our Facebook page (use @jbaywinterfest to find it easily). We will post all the relevant information such as prizes, rules areas and times etc. on our page as it becomes available.

The black ray caught during the JBay Skins. Photo: Robbie Irlam

Just to give a short summery of the event:

The fishing area will be from The Gap at Kabeljous to Kitchen Windows restaurant. Two flags will demarcate the boundaries. No fishing will be allowed outside of these flags.

Fishing times will be from 7am to 1pm. (All weigh cards to be handed in at prize-giving tent before 2.30 pm.) There will be 6 skins each worth R3000 each. The highest scoring fish for each hour will be the winner. Edible fish count 10pts/kg and non-edible fish 1pt/kg.

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There will be many other prize categories such as top lady, top junior, most species etc. plus many lucky draws.

In order to involve the whole family, men can cast for ladies and juniors as long as they are all entered into the competition.

Please note that we support catch and release.

In order to protect our vulnerable fish stocks and the future of our sport we will have marshals spread evenly along the fishing area to record the catches, fill in the weigh cards and return catches to the water as quickly as possible.

Anglers must make sure that they have valid fishing licenses and adhere to MCM regulations at all times.

All weigh masters are provincial anglers that will handle all catches with the utmost of care and return them to the water soonest.

We will have a minimum of 12 marshals, spread evenly over the entire area. All MCM rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times by anglers.

Photos: Robbie Irlam

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