Dont target us warns Police General after cops house is petrol bombed

“Harbouring a suspect is a criminal offence.

These suspects live within our communities. They are our neighbours, friends and/or family.

So they are known to someone,” said the Chief Policeman in Gauteng, Lieutenant General Deliwe de Lange after the house of a police couple in Tshwane was petrol bombed in the early hours of Freedom Day.

The husband and wife were the only people in the house and were asleep at the time of the incident.

They woke up when they heard petrol bombs being thrown through a number of windows.

A shootout developed as shots were also fired by the attackers.

The husband managed to return fire, forcing the unknown gunmen to flee.

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The wife, a Sergeant in the Police, sustained burn wounds and was immediately rushed to hospital.

The motive behind this attack is yet to be established.

“I appeal to the public to help identify the suspects and share knowledge of where they are hiding so we can arrest them and hold them responsible for this criminality.

“This malicious attack is nothing less than deliberately undermining the authority of the State, said Lieutenant General de Lange.

de Lange also said that members of the SAPS and other law enforcement agencies will not to be deterred in their efforts aimed to fight crime and stamp down the authority of the State.

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