Shark bumps paddler off ski at Plettenberg Bay

A man was bumped off his paddle-ski at Robberg Beach, Plettenberg Bay, by a shark that appears to have breached from beneath and bit a hole in the paddle-ski.

The incident took place just before 10 am yesterday morning (22 April 2018).

The Plettenberg Bay NSRI activated and found a 33 year old local man safely ashore after a 2.5 meter Great White shark bit a hole underneath the hull of his paddle-ski while he was paddling along Robberg beach.

Following the incident the man lost his balance and landed up in the water. He then swam to shore, climbing onto rocks and he was was not injured.

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NSRI recovered his paddle-ski from the water and the man was transported to Wreck beach, where his car was parked. He required no medical attention and no further assistance was required.

Swimmers and paddlers are urged to be alert, particularly at this time of the year, where it is known that sharks tend to come closer in-shore to feed as part of their natural feeding habits.

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