Tourism creates jobs in South Africa

Events like the JBay Winterfest are directly contributing to the growth of tourism industry in South Africa that now supports about 686 000 direct jobs (4.4% of total employment) and 1.5 million direct and indirect jobs.

With prize money of R 10 million on offer and the Corona Open JBay being part of the World Surf League Championship Tour, even more visitors are expected to descend upon Jeffreys Bay in July this year.

Creating jobs in tourism fits in perfectly with Kouga Municipality’s strategy to tackle unemployment, poverty and inequality through inclusive tourism growth.

The digital revolution, and the sharing economy that it supports, is changing the nature of jobs in tourism.

“Tourism creates jobs within the sector and in many other linked sectors, and supports a higher share of employment for women and the youth, entrepreneurship and business opportunities in rural areas, compared to many other sectors of the economy.

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It also contributes to the preservation of natural resources and cultural heritage,” said South Africa’s Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom.

Tourism now accounts for 10% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product and supports about 292 million jobs throughout the world.

Photo: Roy Harley

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