Surfer bitten by shark at Cape St Francis

A surfer was briefly pulled underwater when a shark took a bite of his leg at Cape St Francis beach break yesterday afternoon (3 April 2018).

In what appears to be an exploratory bite, the shark then disappeared while the 19 year old surfer paddled to the beach where he was helped by fellow surfers and Kouga Municipal lifeguards.

A shark attack kit stored at the beach was used to assist in the treatment of the surfer.

Local authorities are monitoring the situation and the Municipal lifeguards are flying the No Swimming Shark Sighting flag specifically at Cape St Francis Beach.

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Photo: Craig Jarvis

The species of shark remains unknown and initial observations suggest that the injuries may have been caused by a relatively small shark but this cannot be confirmed at this stage.

Local authorities are investigating licensed shark fishing being conducted nearby from a fishing boat using a chumming method to determine if this activity may contribute to increased shark activity in close proximity to recreational beaches at Cape St Francis.

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