Nuclear swings back to Jeffreys Bay

In yet another twist to the South African nuclear deal, Escom has announced that the next nuclear power station will be built in the Eastern Cape as originally intended.

The shocking news is that the power station won’t be built at Thyspunt anymore, but at Papiesfontein, just outside Jeffreys Bay.

“Thyspunt lost out to Cape Town due to a lack of infrastructure which made it more affordable and easier to build at Dynefontein which, in effect would be an extension of Koeberg, Africa’s only nuclear power station,” said Oskar Whypapa from Escom.

To bring the project, estimated at R 200 billion, back to the Eastern Cape, Escom compromised with the Department of Environment and put Papiesfontein forward as an alternative site.

“We killed two stones with one bird when a few of us at Eskom had a heat wave and decided Papiesfontein is the perfect site to build for a  nuclear power station,” said Whypapa.

“Now the fishermen can’t complain anymore about us destroying the squid fishing grounds, the surfers can’t whine about us pumping sand into the ocean and destroying the beaches and those crazy greenies must understand that we determined to bring jobs to this area,” added Whypapa.

With the road infrastructure already in place, there will be no need for Escom to upgrade the road network in Kouga and they only plan to build a new off ramp from the N2 at the Kabeljous River.

The site is also a lot closer to the Port Elizabeth harbour than Thyspunt.

“We will obviously help the Municipality and fix a pot hole there and here but they mustn’t expect that we a cash bull,” said Whypapa, who was recently employed in the Dubai energy sector.

“Also any pollution will be gone long away by the time the sea currents have arrived at Port Elizabeth,” said Whypapa who oversaw the EIA process for Papiesfontein.

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“The prevailing wind at Papiesfontein is luckily North, so there is no room to worry for residents of Port Elizabeth or Jeffreys Bay that any nuclear fall up will affect them.”

There is bound to be an outcry when local residents discover that Kabeljous beach will be closed to fishermen and all other beach users forever as Papiesfontein will be a security zone, with a harbour that will house the outlet pipe.

“Ja, we will explain all this to the meeting in the public to be held in Jeffreys Bay.

The people must realise that Papiesfontein is a good thing and if a few people can’t walk on the beach anymore, that just bad luck for them.

Papiesfontein is a National Lock Point and we will apply the full law of the weight on any people we find snooping around on the beach at Papiesfontein from now onwards,” explained Whypapa.

“Jeffreys Bay is about to become the sea by Johannesburg and there will be opportunity for all.

There will be thousands of tens of jobs and everyone likes to live by the beach so this area is going to boom as people from faraway places like Bloemfontein come and make their homes here.”

Construction is expected to start at Papiesfontein on 1 April 2019 due to the new fast track EIA process that is close to completion.

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