Paradise Beach drowning turns out to be a false alarm

Rescue services went on full alert yesterday in Jeffreys Bay after a report was received about a drowning in progress at Paradise Beach.

“The NSRI were activated following an eye witness report of a person appearing to be in difficulty in the surf off-shore of the lagoon at Paradise Beach before disappearing beneath the surf,” said station commander Rieghard Jansen van Rensburg.

A sea rescue vehicle and Paradise Beach Neighbourhood Watch assisted in a shore search.

An SA Air Force 28 Squadron C-130 aircraft, en route to a sea rescue exercise in St Francis Bay, diverted and assisted in an aerial search and flew an extensive search pattern.

The SA Police Services and Kouga Fire and Rescue Services were placed on alert.

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Despite an extensive search no sign of a person has been located and there have been no reports of anyone missing or overdue.

After all efforts were exhausted a formal search has been suspended pending any new information and the SA Police Services will monitor for any missing persons reports.

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