More food gets pulled due to Listeria outbreak

On Monday (19 March) Tiger Brands announced that the costs associated with the recall of products linked to the listeria outbreak will reach between R337 million and R377 million.

The company has been named as one of the leading sources behind the listeria outbreak, and now faces an uphill battle which includes a major recall, the shuttering of plants, and the possibility of a class-action lawsuit – all of which are expected to cost the company millions more.

In its shareholder announcement on Monday, Tiger Brands confirmed that its recall will extend to all products manufactured at the group’s Pretoria facility (previously limited to its Polokwane and Germiston plants), where production will now also be suspended.

What’s being recalled by Tiger Brands?

According to the company’s website, the trade recall is progressing ‘very well’.

“Our in-store merchandiser is managing the collection of all stock from stores across the country, and will be managing the safe disposal of all returned products, in line with the regulations and guidelines,” it said.

The group outlined the following products which are currently being affected by the recall:

  • Enterprise polony.
  • Enterprise russians.
  • Enterprise frankfurters.
  • All Enterprise Foods ready-to-eat chilled processed meat products – including bacon.
  • Selected Mieliekip products.

Additional items

While Enterprise faces the most publicised recall across South African stores, a number of retail outlets have also taken it upon themselves to remove certain items from their shelves.

These include a number of chicken products supplied by Rainbow – also implicated in the listeria outbreak.

On Friday (16 March), Shoprite announced that it would be adding its Farmer’s Deli Viennas to its recall list as a precautionary measure in addition to Tiger Brands and Rainbow’s products.

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Pick n Pay also outlined its recall plans, but noted that it was not only Mieliekip items included in the recall, but also other Enterprise products including Bokkie, Renown, and Lifestyle.

As an added precaution Pick n Pay said that its branded chicken polony, manufactured by Rainbow, would also be removed from shelves.

While Woolworths does not sell any Enterprise or Rainbow products, it did note that a number of its ready-to-eat products are sliced and packed in a dedicated production facility within Enterprise Polokwane and Germiston.

These include:

  • Waferthin chargrilled ham 125g
  • Waferthin roasted chicken 125g
  • Waferthin smoked ham 125g
  • Waferthin cooked ham  125g
  • Waferthin smoked chicken 125g
  • Smoked viennas 500g
  • Smoked viennas 1kg
  • Red viennas 500g
  • Red viennas 1kg
  • Cocktail Viennas 375g
  • Smoked cheesy viennas 125g
  • Bulk Salami sticks 400g
  • Salami sticks 150g
  • Plain salami sticks 85g
  • Spicy salami sticks 85g
  • Plain salami bites 60g
  • Spicy salami sticks 150g
  • Coriander salami 85g
  • Spicy salami bites 60g
  • Smoked and roasted gammon 250g
  • Sliced lean ham 125g
  • Sliced cooked ham 250g
  • Sliced cooked ham 125g
  • Ham selection 250g
  • Assorted cold meat 250g
  • Sliced salami 200g
  • Salami 100g
  • German Salami 100g
  • Sliced peppered salami 100g
  • Local chorizo
  • Spicy salami 100g
  • Country ham 125g

Spar has said that its brand processed meat products are not affected as they are not manufactured by Enterprise or Rainbow, “and are completely safe”.


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