Abriella raises money for Red Cross Children’s Hospital

A young Jeffreys Bay swimmer who became the youngest person to swim the gruelling, 8km from Robben Island to Cape Town has presented the R158 746 she raised with her epic effort to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Chantel Cooper, head of fundraising at the Children’s Hospital Trust, said the funds raised by 11 year old Abriella Bredell, would help to add 17 beds to the ICU specialised unit.

Cooper said Abriella’s effort would be of tremendous help to the children the hospital served.

“Abriella and all those who have supported her in achieving her goal, and the time and effort she has contributed, will not only make a difference to children who are currently in the hospital, but will continue to support thousands of children in the years to come,” Cooper said.

“Abriella is an inspirational young woman and we are extremely proud of her,” both Cooper and Abriella’s parents said.

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Her journey towards Robben Island began nearly two years ago when Abriella began training in Marina Martinique in preparation for the swim.

“We had some extremely tough training swims in the Marina and there were days when the water temperature was 11/12 C and it was the thought of the children in the Red Cross Hospital that kept me going,” said Abriella.

“We also did swims like the Clifton to 3 Anchor Bay event as preparation for the Robben Island swim and I would really like to thank everyone who supported me and believed in me,” added Bredell.

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