How to Write a Great Expository Essay

Many experts admit composing an expository essay is a pretty complicated task.

Beginners always struggle with this one and give up on studying forever.

But an essay is still the most frequently issued assignment. So, students have to practice their writing skills to succeed in the university or college.

Fortunately, there are many online sources which can help them.

Moreover, they can even buy an essay at a reasonable price and get it as soon as possible.

It works even if a student doesn’t know how to do it at all because everything will be done by professionals.

But now let’s see how to compose an expository paper by yourself.

What is an Expository Essay

Firstly, you should learn the difference between expository writing and other types of essays. Its name implies that you should expose something, or more precisely, explain some facts or ideas.

There is no place for any author’s emotions or opinion. You have to write down only the plain facts.

You can learn more about this type of paper if you read some examples of it. Moreover, they are everywhere: newspaper articles and instructions.

For instance, if you have to write on the topic “Do aliens really exist?”, you should find some evidence of their existence or vice versa.

But you shouldn’t tell about your point of view or belief.

Create a plan

Secondly, you have to select your main topic and think about the resources of interesting information.

Use all available sources, such as books, databases or the Internet. After that, take notes and conduct your research.

Try to find as much as possible different information. It will help you to provide relevant details for the main topic. Make an outline based on your notes. You can add in new facts during the writing.

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Make a Draft

Here is the classical structure of an expository paper. Consequently, your paper has to consist of:

  • The introduction. It is the first paragraph, where you should state the main thesis. Your thesis has to be clearly defined and understandable.
  • The body. This is the part which develops the main thesis and consists of three paragraphs. Each of them has to include separate ideas related to the main one.
  • The conclusion. It is the last paragraph, where you have to summarize the whole essay and restate the main claim.

Your writing has to be concise and brief. Use different linking words to make your essay more logical and coherent. If you follow these simple tips, your essay will definitely be highly graded.

Finish Your Essay

When your expository paper is almost ready, you should revise it. Read it carefully a couple of times to notice some inaccuracies and fix them. Ask yourself these question to check an essay:

  • Is the information in the essay understandable and clearly defined?
  • Does your essay include relevant facts and corresponding evidence?
  • Did you maintain the right logical structure?

Furthermore, you can compile your own checklist to make sure that you have written your essay correctly.

Proofread the Essay

Proofreading is one of the most important stages of a writing process. You have to check your paper for any possible typos, misspelling or grammar errors to submit high-quality writing.

If you have an opportunity to ask someone for help, use it! Because sometimes people can’t see their own mistakes, but others can do it.

After that, you should make sure that the essay is unique. A student can lose his/her high grade because of plagiarism, even if it was not on purpose.

So, it would be better to exclude this possibility and use an online plagiarism checker.

In brief, you see that expository essay writing is not an impossible task. Moreover, it will be done easily, if you submit this assignment step by step.

In the event that you are unsure about some aspect of the paper, ask the lecturer. It would help you to handle this on your own.

Remember about all the nuances and the smallest details to write your essay perfectly.

So, follow these simple tips and be sure that everything will be great!