Locals keep our beaches clean

The Jeffreys Bay weather was absolutely splendid when 20 volunteers from around the area took to the beach on Sunday 25 February 2018 to assist with keeping one of JBay’s finest beaches in pristine condition.

Beach clean ups are becoming more common place around the globe, not only as an awareness tool on how important it is to preserve them, but also the vital importance of the impact of what lands on our beaches and oceans has on our precious marine life.

A shocking statement recently released from Greenpeace said the following “Destructive fishing, climate change, made made pollutants and waste such as plastics and oil are threatening our global marine life to a deteremental state.

As humans, we take far more out of the oceans than what we put in, and if we continue in this manner, our oceans will soon be akin to nothing more than a wasteland.”

One local JBay based company, The JBay Boat Company; has decided to take matters into their own hands and encourage members of the public to give of their time, once a month and get involved in one of their beach clean ups.

“We are passionate about our beaches and marine life, and we believe it to be the duty of each and every one of us, as custondians of this planet, do all do our bit.

If all of us just do something small, in our immediate environment, before long it all starts to add up, and we will start to see a different world around us. One that we can be proud to leave to our children, and our children’s children.” said Michael Petrelis, from the JBay Boat Company.

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Residents of the beautiful seaside town of JBay are encouraged to support such initiatives, as it can only be to the benefit of all living here, when so much of the town’s ecomony is centered around the beaches and the oceans.

The past weekend saw a group of concerned residents selflessly giving two hours of their time, to collect approximately 30 garbage bags full of plastics, cigarette butts, fishing gut and a number of other waste, on the stretch of beach between the Walskipper restuarant and Main Beach.

“The garbage bags were kindly donated by the Kouga Muncipality and we feel that two hours of your time, once a month is a small contribution to make to your community.

We will be doing this every month, and would like to invite all citizens to get involved.” said Petrelis.

The next beach clean up will be held in March and interested parties are asked to keep an eye on the JBay Boat Company’s Facebook page, at the same name.

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