Kouga Municipality goes paperless

Kouga Municipality is going paperless to cut costs and conserve the environment.

As part of phasing in the system, Council agendas will be sent out both electronically and in hard copy for February while hard copies will only be provided on request from March.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen says it was resolved to phase in the paperless system to allow councillors time to adapt to the changes.

“We have encouraged councillors to work on the electronic version while using the hard copy as a back up in order for them to learn all that is necessary, such as ma-king notes and highlighting and finding pages on the soft copy,” she says.

Van Lingen says the aim is to issue electronic agendas only from May onwards.

Those councillors who needed to be skilled were recently taken for basic computer training and laptops are being issued to councillors as part of their tools of trade.

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Van Lingen said there would be further computer training for councillors to help enhance capacity.

“We are committed to reducing paper and printing costs, which currently stands at R5 million a year.

“By going paperless we can significantly reduce this cost, and the budget can be redirected towards our service priorities,” says Van Lingen.

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