The ANC is not out of the woods yet

Ace Magashule’s longish address in KZN a few days ago is an indication of the ill-will against Ramaphosa in the top leadership.

It underlines the point why the ANC will remain sickly as long as that man is SG. A few points to underline in the speech, writes political analyst Gauta Komane.

He raises the following points:

(1) At no point does he acknowledge Ramaphosa’s leadership of the ANC. Contrast his speech to the one made by DD Mabuza in Limpopo where Ramaphosa’s leadership is acknowledged and promoted.

(2) Whenever he mentions Cyril he mentions his name alongside that of Nkosazana as if the two have the same status and weight. That is done at least twice in the speech and incidentally Nkosazana is in the audience.

(3) He says that the ANC should promote healthy life style and tells people to eat organic food. He says people should stop eating unhealthy food like Mcdonalds. The audience laughs loud because everybody understands it to be a jab at Ramaphosa who owned McDonalds SA and promoted it by eating it on public TV.

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(4) He says “we need” to work hard to get the ANC back. He says it is only five years comrades. He repeats “five years” three times. Then he says in five years there will be another conference. The audience laughs loud because that is the talk among NDZ diehards that they must take back the ANC in five years and Cyril should be stopped from dreaming of a second term in the ANC presidency.

(5) He talks about “the enemy” that is within the ANC. It is difficult to understand who he is referring to.

(6) Of course he talks about his innocence in the context of the Gupta-related investigations concerning the farm in Free State. He suggests the lie about him and corruption is perpetrated by those who want him to vacate his SG position.

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