Sylvester the Lion at home at Addo Elephant Park

The infamous Lion called “Sylvester” or “ spook “who is known for escaping twice in the last two years from the Karoo National Park has finally settled down and relinquished his title as the vanishing lion.

In 2015 Park Officials tracked him down after more than three weeks on the loose. By then he already feasted on 28 sheep, a Nguni cow and a Kudu.

Fortunately during his second escape he had a satellite collar on and was quickly caught.

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His future was once again in the balance but luckily Sylvester found a new home at the Addo Elephant National Park.

He has been at Addo for a year now and it seems that the Houdini lion has put down roots and his wanderlust is now a thing of the past with some lady lions in the park keeping him grounded.

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