Dolphin rescued in Cape St Francis

A stranded Bottlenose dolphin approximately was rescued near the Cape St Francis Lighthouse yesterday afternoon.

The two meter long dolphin was stranded 25 meters from the outgoing tide on rocks. .

Dr. Greg Hofmeyer from Bayworld Marine requested assistance from the NSRI, while members from SANNCOB arranged towels and buckets for water.

“The dolphin was bathed and wrapped in wet towels and after guidance from Dr. Hofmeyer, the NSRI moved the dolphin using a Stokes basket stretcher to the Port St Francis where we got onto Ski Boat ‘Sea Wolf’ with the help of Brandon Kenedy and Marc White,” said Sarah Smith from the NSRI.

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“We took the dolphin just over a mile outside Port St Francis and released him. Conditions weren’t great with approximate 4 meter swells that were breaking over the harbour wall.

The dolphin moved confidently once in the water and swam off once released,” added Smith.

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