Learn how to shoot a gun

Many South Africans own a fire-arm for personal protection, especially with home invasions and breakings increasing in towns like Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay as well as cities such as  Port Elizabeth.

Buying a gun is a serious decision to take and being able to use it effectively is even more important. Shooting regularly with your fire-arm is necessary to become familiar with your weapon and to know how and when to use it.

“Learning to shoot can be a daunting prospect but there are skills than can be taught like sighting, how to correctly grip a gun and remembering to breathe,” said Karen Webb from Webbs Arms in Port Elizabeth

“Shooting at a range with an experienced person helping you in the beginning, makes the whole process of owning a gun less stressful and prevents people from learning bad habits,” added Webb.

Here are some tips on how to shoot your gun more effectively:

1. Sight the target and then focus on your front sight. Target and rear sight can be a bit fuzzy if need be.

The top of front sight must be level with the top of the rear, with even amounts of light on the left and  right side of the rear sites.

2. Trigger control is very important. Add pressure gently. Don’t yank, pull, or jerk the trigger. Just add pressure while maintaining that front sight focus.

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3. Get an expert instructor. One that will teach you proper gun handling, safety, proper positioning of the firearm, trigger control, breathing, sighting, and safety, safety, safety.

4. Always wear ear protection while practicing at the shooting range.

5. Get onto the shooting range regularly to shoot your gun to ensure you are comfortable carrying your weapon.

Webbs Arms in Port Elizabeth has an indoor shooting range and offers basic firearm training.

“The course covers legal aspects relating to when you may and may not shoot in self defense situations, firearm safety, loading and unloading and the fundamentals of shooting. On this course you will shoot approximately 50 rounds of ammunition,” said Webb.

The course is aligned with Unit Standard 119649 – Handle and use a handgun.