Stay safe with NSRI RSA SafeTrx

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has urged paddlers, boaters, and sail-boarders to download and use the free NSRI RSA SafeTrx cellphone application.

This free cellphone application, downloadable on the NSRI website www.nsri.org.za, enables the user to plot their intended course, store essential emergency numbers that can be used by NSRI if you fail to return from your trip, gives NSRI your location at all times during your trip, gives the user the ability to call an emergency by the push of a button, and gives NSRI your exact position throughout a rescue response if you press the emergency button.

“The NSRI RSA SafeTrx takes the ‘search’ out of a search and rescue operation,” NSRI national operations manager Brett Ayres said.

“At any time, once you have plotted your trip and launched, we can see where you are and if you press the emergency button we can send rescue resources to that exact position.

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If you don’t arrive at the time your plotted route ends we can check on you to see how you are doing,” he said.