Top 10 Questions that bring relationships to a new level

The biggest and most unforgivable mistake in any relationship is not to listen to each other and not ask the right questions.

Only by asking questions, you’ll be able to understand what your partner really wants and what she expects from you. Bridesstars made a small list of questions to ask in a relationship that will help you figure out what your loved one needs.

1) Can I make you feel even more comfortable with me?

This is an excellent question, which concerns both joint leisure and intimate relationships. Ask her what she wants. What she likes most when she’s near you. Maybe she just wants to spend a few minutes with you in complete silence. Or maybe she needs a hug.

2) Are you satisfied with our sex life?

It’s better not to ask your partner directly whether she’s satisfied with your sexual life or not. Try to carefully ask about what else she would like to try or what she’s interested in. Suggest your own ideas. You probably have some, too.

3) How can I support you in life?

There’s a possibility that she’s satisfied with everything. But this happens quite rarely. So in most cases, this question can play on your partner’s emotions and awaken the desire to tell you about her dreams. This is one of the relationship building questions you should ask from time to time.

4) How can I help you right now?

If you see that your loved one feels uncomfortable, then devote your free time to her. Show your care and attention; apart from being pleasant, it’s also useful for relationships. Perhaps, you’ll solve the problem much faster and more effectively.

5) Is there something new that we can do together?

It’s the question that you should ask yourself, too. You’ll discuss a lot of ideas until you find what you both want. Remember that by engaging in a new activity with your loved one, you strengthen your feelings.

6) Are we close enough (from her point of view)?

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Our individual needs can vary from day to day. Maybe your partner has been under stress lately, and now she needs more care, compliments, and support. Or, on the contrary, she’s now rapidly rising up the career ladder and needs more free time and personal space.

People have emotional needs affected by various events in their everyday lives. And the better you learn to please her needs and tell her about yours, the deeper your relationship will become.

7) Do you have experiences that make you feel stressed? Can I help you deal with them?

Among other relationship questions to ask, this one is probably the most important. The answer to it will give you a chance to understand what problems she has to face. This may be uncomfortable for both of you, but you won’t be able to understand her and help without going through it. You can rephrase the question to make it sound softer.

8) What situations are especially hard for you to deal with? How can I support you in these moments?

This question should be asked every couple of months. We all have our own complexes that make us feel vulnerable in various situations. Maybe she’s uncomfortable when you publicly criticize her, even if it’s a joke.

9) Is there a place where you would gladly go?

Yes, “Paris” sounds great, but maybe your significant other wants to go somewhere closer? Perhaps she would like to just hang out in some special place with you. This will be a big step towards a happy future together.

10) Are there any flaws in me that you would like to change?

And here’s one of the toughest relationship questions to ask your girlfriend. Yes, it will be a serious and difficult conversation. But using the word “small”, you can make this dialogue not so embarrassing for both of you.

Sometimes we do things our loved ones don’t appreciate. But it’s always difficult for them to admit this. Having voiced this question, you can prevent a big trouble and help your relationship.