Another tourist attacked on Cape Town beach

An Egyptian tourist was stabbed and robbed on Noordhoek beach in Cape Town last night.

According to the Table Mountain Watch, the incident took place near the Kakapo wreck.

The man was transported to hospital in a serious condition. It is not yet known what the robbers stole from the tourist.

The beach has become a hot spot for criminal activity with a number of other incidents that have taken place recently.

Earlier in December an Austrian couple were also attacked on the beach, with both suffering stab wounds.

Klaus and Johanna Michl were strolling along Noordhoek beach during the afternoon when they were attacked.

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A man appeared from behind the dunes and attacked them. Klaus was stabbed five times – thrice in the abdomen, once in his side and once in his chest.

Johanna was stabbed in the neck. The attacker left with their backpack containing travel documents and other valuables, including a camera.

A woman who was walking her dogs came to their rescue.

“If you’re not walking in a large group it’s probably best to just stay off the beach, especially around the wreck, at least until such time as SANParks get the situation under control,” warned the Table Mountain Watch.