Water shedding for Hankey and Patensie as day zero looms

The towns of Hankey and Patensie have just about used up their water quotas for the period ending June 2018.

Hankey has a mere 9 % of its allocation of water left for the year.

As a result, water shedding will soon have to be introduced, says the Kouga Municipality, in conjunction with the Gamtoos Irrigation Board.

“More information will be communicated to the affected community in due course.

In the meantime, all residents and businesses are urged to use water extremely sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

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We need to make the little bit of water that is left, go as far as is possible,” said the Municipality in a statement.

Kouga is exploring desalination as an option to alleviate the water crises facing the region.

Should the coastal towns be supplied with desalinated water, allocations from other sources, including dams and bore holes could be used to supply the inland towns.

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