Help NSRI find their missing rescue Buoys

As a ‘NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy’ pilot area, Jeffreys Bay have 14 Pink Rescue Buoys spread along our coastline.

Unfortunately two of these went missing over the past few days.

The Pink Buoy at the Pellsrus Main Beach and the complete Sign as well as the Rescue Buoy went missing at at Point.

If someone found it or maybe picked it up on the beach, contact the NSRI 24/7 Emergency number on 079 916 0390.

The first successful rescue by a bystander using a Pink Torpedo Buoy recently took place in Wilderness.

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You can read all about it on the NSRI website

To quote from the story – “The Pink Buoy was a life saver, it definitely helped to save a life”.

Please help NSRI find their two missing Pink Rescue Buoys and Sign, and let’s help save another life!

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