NSRI launches Pink Bouy project in Jeffreys Bay

The NSRI has launched an emergency floatation campaign using Pink Torpedo Buoys.

These brightly coloured rescue devises are being placed at high risk areas, especially where there are rip currents and no lifeguards on duty.

The project has been piloted in Jeffreys Bay with locals sponsoring six signs in Jeffreys Bay.

The sign, which can be attached to a pole or drilled into a wall, holds a Pink Torpedo Buoy and by using simple graphics the NSRI explains that it should be thrown to a person in difficulty and that an untrained person should not enter the water to help or try and rescue someone.

The Pink Torpedo Buoy project needs the support of the community in which they are placed. If the community takes ownership of the project the pink buoys will only be removed from their holder in an emergency and will be replaced afterwards.

The idea behind the project is to get emergency flotation to someone who is in danger of drowning as fast as possible while calling for professional help.

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Graphics on the sign advise that the buoy should be thrown to someone in distress, that an untrained rescuer should not get into the water to try and rescue someone, and provides two telephone numbers to dial for help.

Each Pink Torpedo Buoy sign also has a location number so that bystanders can tell Sea Rescue volunteers exactly where they are.

If any local companies or individuals would like to assist in installing even more Pink Torpedo Buoy’s in Jeffreys Bay, please get in contact with the NSRI Station Commander, Rieghard Janse Van Rensburg via [email protected]

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