Delivery truck hijacked on freeway near Humansdorp

A delivery truck was hijacked on the N2 near Humansdorp on Tuesday, 5 December, after being pulled over by an bogus woman traffic officer.

The driver of the delivery truck said that he was driving on the N2 near Humansdorp, when a woman wearing a police reflector jacket pulled him off the road and there was a black VW Polo parked on the roadside.

The woman pretended to be conducting a vehicle inspection, when two men, one of whom was carrying a firearm, threatened the driver and forced him into the parked vehicle.

One of the men drove away with the truck with its hostage driver, while the other man followed in the Polo.

After a while the Polo stopped, parked on the roadside and the truck continued on its way.

Soon after the hijack victim was allowed to disembark from the truck and walk away.

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The vehicle was later found abandoned by a tracking company parked near Palmietvlei Bridge.

A case of hijacking was opened and the three suspects are still at large.

Police are warning motorists against hijacking suspects who pose as police officers on the roads.

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