Eyesore removed from Jeffreys Bay Main Beach

The municipality is busy demolishing the dilapidated buildings on the main beachfront near the Edge Fitness gym.

The buildings have become an eyesore and have been vandalized regularly over the years.

Tour buses that stop in the Main Beach car park are also exposed to the buildings, which does not create a good impression of our town.

Main Beach is the prime asset of Jeffreys Bay and plans by the Kouga Municipality to upgrade the area are welcomed.

It is only through an initiative like this that a rejuvenation of the Jeffreys Bay CBD will occur.

The CBD has been in a gradual decline since Fountains Mall was built, which led to an exodus of business from the Da Gama road precinct.

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A plan drawn up by the Kouga Development Agency in the late 2000’s envisaged Da Gama road becoming a pedestrian walkway, with the area becoming more tourist friendly with shops, restaurants and entertainment dominating.

The Municipality said in a statement that the shell ladies who used to sell their crafts from the demolished buildings  are being temporarily being housed at the Shell Museum.

“We’d like to encourage residents and visitors to stop by the museum and check out the shell collections on display.” read the statement.

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