Latest rain brings little relief to water crises

Although the coastal belt from Cape St Francis to Jeffreys Bay has received good rainfall over the past two months, not enough has fallen into the dam catchment areas.

The combined level of the dams supplying all the towns in Kouga and the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro has only risen to 29.76 % as at 21 November 2017.

The Loerie dam is overflowing, but it is a small dam and wont make a significant impact on the water crises facing the neighbouring municipalities.

The Churchill dam received some water flow and is now sitting at 19 % capacity, while the Impofu dam has 49 % capacity.

The Kouga dam, which supplies the Gamtoos Valley with water is only 12 % full and the water allocation of only 40 % of normal capacity remains in force, which has led to food and job security concerns.

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“We are actively drilling for bore holes and are sending a delegation to Israel to fact find about desalination,” said Elza Van Lingen, the Executive Mayor of Kouga.

“We are already in a crises situation and urge all residents to save water to help prevent our taps from running dry.

Kouga has been declared a drought disaster area and there is a real threat that we will not have enough water to service all our communities over the December holiday season,” added Van Lingen.

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