City of Johannesburg cancels corrupt R 161m fire engine contract

The City of Johannesburg has cancelled a R 161 million contract for the provision of fire engines after it was discovered that the tender was awarded on the basis of forged documents.

The City’s ability to provide proper emergency services has been compromised. In addition, these kinds of corrupt dealings, presided over by the past ANC administration, have cost the residents of this City of Johannesburg a great deal of money.

As the new administration, Herman Mashaba and his administration are doing whatever it takes to ensure that those responsible for corruption are held to account.

Corruption of this nature seems to be the only motivation behind the ANC’s motion of no confidence against Mashaba.

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The DA led Kouga Municipality is also busy uncovering corruption as they successfully overturned a land sale where a prime piece of property, independently valued at R 50 million, was sold by the previous Council for a mere R 1.2 million.

Corruption charges are pending in this matter according to the Kouga Municipality.

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