Mugabe’s days are numbered

History is being made in Zimbabwe today (18/11/2017) as thousands of people have taken to the streets in support of the military coup that took place earlier this week.

The Zimbabwe Defense Force, which now in control of the country, said it backed the mass demonstration, which some predict will be the biggest public rally since independence in 1980.

The police authorities, which for decades have clamped down on non-sanctioned public gatherings, quickly gave permission for the demonstration.

Zanu PF, the ruling party in Zimbabwe has joined the call for Robert Mugabe to resign as president of Zimbabwe, a position he has held since independence in 1980.

Eight of Zanu PF’s 10 Provincial Coordinating Committees called on Mugabe to step down saying he has lost control of the party and government business due to incapacitation stemming from his advanced age.

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The Zimbabwe war veterans also turned their backs on Mugabe and yesterday demanded his resignation.

The United States Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called for a quick return to civilian rule in that country in accordance with their constitution.

“Zimbabwe has an opportunity to set itself on a new path – one that must include democratic elections and respect for human rights.

Ultimately, the people of Zimbabwe must choose their government,” said Tillerson.

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