Four Surf Schools for Main Beach this summer

Only the four permanent surf schools in Jeffreys Bay will be allowed to operate from the Main Beach this coming holiday season.

However, they will have to apply for special permission to do so.

Other surfing schools will have to utilise alternative spaces in the area, for example Kabeljauws and Paradise Beach.

According to Tourism Portfolio Councillor Frances Baxter, additional temporary surf schools flock to the Main Beach during the December holiday to conduct lessons in the same space as the permanent surf schools.

“These are normally accommodation establishments who offer their guests surfing lessons as part of their holiday activities,” says Baxter.

“It cannot always be established that this second category of operators are conducting their business according to the national regulations, which every surf school has to abide by.

“The Main Beach also has limited space for surfing lessons due to the demarcated swimming area, which differs almost hourly depending on the tide and the current. There is also a specific demarcated boat launching site.”

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Baxter says if each of the surf schools brings approximately 10 learners onto the beach for a lesson, it can get crowded and the safety of learners and beachgoers can become compromised.

“To minimise challenges, only the four permanent surf schools may apply for permission to operate from the Main Beach area,” says Baxter.

“Others will have to utilise alternative areas and will have to contact the municipality in this regard.”

For more information, contact Cassandra Camons at 042 200 2219 or send an email to [email protected]

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