Alarming rise in home robberies in JBay

The crime stats released by the South African Police for 2016/17 financial year reveal a huge spike in residential robberies in Jeffreys Bay.

The number of cases doubled from 11 to 22 in the past reporting period, while burglaries at residential properties decreased from 343 cases to 336 cases.

This means there is literally a house being robbed or burgled every day in the once crime free town of Jeffreys Bay.

A welcome decrease in murders has been reported, with eight murders taking place, compared to 13 in the previous reporting period.

However, attempted murders increased by 200 % from six to 18 cases.

36 vehicles were stolen in Jeffreys Bay, while 155 cars were broken into during the reporting period.

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House breakings also remain high in Humansdorp, with 212 cases being reported. However, only one motor vehicle was reported as being stolen in Humansdorp.

There has been an disturbing increase of 122 % in the number of residential burglaries in St Francis Bay, from 98 cases to 218 cases this reporting period.

19 016 murders were reported in South Africa, with 39 828 rapes being reported.

246 654 South Africans had their homes burgled, revealing why we feel unsafe in our homes.

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