Moments – By Elmien Roelofse

Voices crawling under my skin

Their words making me bleed from within

My eyes release the sorrow now part of my being

My heart remembers the moments I should have said something

Moments where even a whisper would have been enough

Moments my words should have showed you love

Moments now screaming at my soul

Moments I wish I’d never let go

If only my skin felt the change coming

My eyes saw the sorrow now running through my veins

My heart felt the pain of this day

If only my arms where strong enough to hold you one more time

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Letting your existence soak into mine

Letting your soul breathe again

If only my words could put the colour into your skin

My love make you see the moments that should have been

The moments I held within

I close my eyes as I hear the peaceful melody of your soul

I open my heart, knowing I have to let you go

I have to set you free

As the memory of your fullness now forever lives in me

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