Kouga to dig a second channel at the Seekoei River mouth

Kouga Municipality will be digging a second channel from the Seekoei estuary to the sea this morning (Saturday, 7 October)

Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen said the outflow from the estuary over the past week had been too slow to make any significant difference to the water level.

“We, consequently, approached the Department of Environmental Affairs for permission to dig a second channel so as to allow for a greater outflow and received the go-ahead earlier today,” she said.

The municipality first breached the estuary mouth last Saturday in an effort to lower the level of the Seekoei and clear the causeway of water.

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“Once the water has subsided, a structural assessment will be done of the causeway as a matter of urgency so that it can be repaired and re-opened to traffic,” the Mayor said.

She said the East Cape Department of Roads and Public Works had further undertaken to grade the alternative gravel road today to accommodate the increase in traffic.

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