Authorities deny permission to breach the Seekoei River mouth

The Kouga Municipality would like to invite all interested and affected parties to a public participation meeting on 9 October 2017 about the Draft Situation Assessment Report that has been compiled by Nelson Mandela University for the proposed Seekoei Estuarine Management Plan.

The meeting will start at 6:30pm at the NG Kerk hall in Paradise Beach.

The plan is critical for the management of the estuary and the Paradise Beach causeway.

Meanwhile, the Department of Environmental Affairs has rejected Kouga Municipality’s urgent appeal for authorisation to breach the Seekoei lagoon.

“The Municipal Manager was notified of the decision late yesterday afternoon, said Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

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“The decision effectively ties the municipality’s hands to offer any kind of immediate relief for residents of Paradise Beach through opening the mouth of the Seekoei estuary.

The Kouga Council is deeply disappointed about the outcome of the appeal and can only imagine how much more so it must be for the Paradise community.

The management plan is critical for all the people who use the Paradise Beach causeway. All stakeholders are encouraged to attend the meeting on 9 October,” added Van Lingen.

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