Passengers rescued from Robben Island ferry

The NSRI rescued 68 passengers, including four crew members, from a Robben Island ferry after it started taking on water just after 2 PM this afternoon (15/09/2017).

The ferry named Thandi sent out a Mayday distress signal to which the NSRI and other rolre players responded.

A JOC (Joint Operations Control) was set up at the Transnet National Ports Authority Control Tower and rescue craft were directed from the NSRI Table Bay rescue base.

The ferry was found to be listing to one side due to water intake from unknown causes and some of the passengers had already abandoned ship and were in the life rafts.

The remaining crew and passengers were on the deck of the casualty ferry.

All these passengers and crew were transferred by NSRI from Thandi and from the life rafts onto the Madiba 1 and onto NSRI’s Spirit of Vodacom and brought to the Port of Table Bay where they were assessed by paramedics and a few passengers were treated for mild hypothermia.

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“All passengers and crew are accounted for. As the rescue operation progressed some of the resources were stood down no longer required, said Craig Lambinon from the NSRI.

“SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority) were alerted and an investigation into the cause of Thandi taking on water will be investigated.

Efforts are being made to recover the ferry,” added Lambinon.