Still no relief for Kouga fire disaster victims

Despite Kouga Local Municipality (KLM) being declared a disaster area following fires from 7 – 11 June 2017, the municipality has not received any form of relief from either the Sarah Baartman District Municipality or the Eastern Cape provincial government.

The Kouga Council extended their fire disaster declaration at a Special Council Meeting yesterday to give the District Municipality more time to respond and assist with helping the victims of the fires.

District Councillor Henni Brits said that he has requested Sarah Baartman to intervene and to further extend the KLM fire disaster declaration through publication in the Provincial Gazette.

he has also requested the District to:

• Discuss the KLM fire disaster with the SBDM Mayoral Committee as a matter of urgency;
• Make sure that the appropriate resolutions are taken by the Mayoral Committee, as well as the SBDM Council, on an urgent basis in order to assist the affected residents;
• Prioritise establishing a full report regarding this matter, including reasons for the failure to provide the required relief and submit it to the full SBDM Council; and
• Inform the affected municipality, as well as our full Council, by return correspondence on all steps and actions that will be taken by his office to expedite this issue.

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“Kouga residents cannot continue to live in dire conditions due to the ineffectiveness and false promises by the Sarah Baartman District Municipality and the Eastern Cape provincial government.

Relief must urgently be rolled out. Sarah Baartman District Municipality cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the crisis on our doorstep,” said Brits.