Big Shark spotted at Point in Jeffreys Bay

A large Great White Shark, estimated at being 4 m long, ate a seal at Point in Jeffreys Bay, just meters away from surfers who were in the water.

The incident took place around mid day yesterday and no surfers were injured, despite the shark swimming right past the line up at Supertubes.

It appears the shark swam up the coast, similar to the pattern of the big shark that chased Mick Fanning out of the water during the Corona Open JBay in July.

Yesterday, the shark cruised right past the surfers at Supertubes, without even breaking momentum.

Apparently there has been an increase in the seal population along the coastline over recent years and there were reports of schools of blacktail fish in the water late last week.

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This possibly could have contributed to larger predators moving closer inshore.

The first recorded shark attack on a surfer at Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay took place in 1989, when Koffie Jacobs was bumped off his board by a Great White Shark.

Photo: The shark that swam past Supertubes during the Corona Open JBay: Photo: World Surf League

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