Put the people of Nelson Mandela Bay first

The Democratic Alliance has noted with regret the ultimatum from Bantu Holomisa to pull the United Democratic Movement (UDM) out of the coalition government in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

Holomisa is apparently demanding that Mongamelli Bobani be reinstated as the Deputy Mayor of the Metro.

“The decision to move a motion of no confidence against the former deputy mayor of NMB, Mr Bobani, was not an easy one.

Over the last 9 months, we have implored Mr Holomisa to redeploy Mr Bobani to another position.

We have met with the UDM and other coalition partners endlessly about this matter – to no avail,” said James Selfe from the Democratic Alliance.

“The reality is that the NMB coalition government has achieved much since being elected, in no small part due to our other coalition partners who have remained committed to our coalition agreement to zero tolerance for corruption.

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However, former deputy mayor Bobani has been a destructive member of this particular coalition, and his actions have served to undermine service delivery, most especially to the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

He has voted with the ANC in the Council on a number of occasions, conduct which is simply unacceptable and contrary to our coalition agreement,” added Selfe.

“We remain committed to working with the UDM and other coalition partners to deliver corruption-free and efficient government, not only where we currently co-govern, but towards 2019 and beyond,” concluded Selfe.

Should the UDM pull out of the coalition, there could be a hung council in the Metro.

At present the DA has 57 seats, the ANC has 50, EFF 6, UDM 2, African Independent Congress 1, United Front 1, COPE 1, ACDP 1, Patriotic Alliance 1.